When one person needs another person

My support aims to promote your independence and, as far as possible, to enable you to organize your everyday life again. Your wellbeing always comes first when I do my tasks. I will discuss all important decisions with you beforehand. For this reason, personal contact between us is of great importance so that I can learn about your wishes and interests and act on your behalf in this regard.

  • I take on the legal representation of adults who are unable to protect their interests due to illness or impairments.
  • I promote, uphold and respect the self-determination, dignity and individuality of these people.
  • I support people as far as possible to shape their lives independently and responsibly.
  • I advise and inform people within the framework of the legal provisions.
  • I am independent in my work and free from all political ideologies, sects and religions.
  • I preserve my independence, autonomy and freedom through a high level of professional and reliable competence, regular further training and through the implementation of innovative ideas.
  • I orient myself to the guidelines of the Federal Association of Professional Carers and strive to continuously improve the quality of my work through further training measures.
  • I can guarantee high quality in my work through many years of professional experience.
  • I constantly review and reflect on my work in order to be able to react quickly to individual requirements and social changes.
  • I strive for the safe and responsible handling of personal data in the digital age. Observing and complying with the General Data Protection Regulation is mandatory and a matter of course for me.
  • I am a member of the Federal Association of Professional Carers (BdB e.V.)